Nagoya Walking Tours

Discover Nagoya city in a friendly atmosphere and at a friendly pace with our affordable walking tours.

Due to the emergence of coronavirus infection worldwide, 

both Nagoya Walking tours and Nagoya Fun are closed indefinitely.  

Bookings cannot be done anymore on the website.

 If you need any advise for spots to visit in Nagoya and around, feel free to contact with the contact form below.



The concept



You just arrived in a new environment with a different language and culture? 

You are deeply interested in knowing more about Nagoya and Japan in general?

You want to have a good time and gain some valuable knowledges without harming your budget?

Join one of our affordable thematic walking tours covering the heart of Nagoya city. 

It will give you an in depth view of the japanese daily life, history, religion and many more through various key attractions of the city. 



The tours


Morning tour
(Old town)

Wander through the most historical district of Nagoya

Learn about the evolution of Japan, Nagoya and its old town over time

Taste some fresh delicacies from the fish market (oysters, tamagoyaki…)

Discover an iconic place of Nagoya : The yanagibashi fish market

Afternoon tour
(Osu district)

Wander through the most vibrant district of Nagoya

Learn about the japanese modern daily life

Taste some traditional japanese specialties (taiyaki,takoyaki).

Discover an iconic place of Nagoya : The Osu Kannon temple

Price ?

  • Only 2500 yen / tour / person. 
  • Optional visit : 1000 yen / person.

What is included ?

  • At least two different kinds of japanese street foods per person.
  • 1 small (non edible) present per person.
  • Nice memories of Nagoya and a lot of knowledges.


  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Morning tour (9 am to 11:15 am).
  • Optional visit (11:15 am to 12 pm).
  • Afternoon tour (2 pm to 4: 30 pm).

Where do we meet ?

  • Morning tour (Nagoya subway station exit 6 at 9 am).
  • Afternoon tour (Yabacho station exit 4 at 2 pm).

How can you participate?

  1. Announce your participation online. This will guarantee my presence and ensure you that the tours are running on the day you want. If the day is not available, it means I am currently in holidays.
  2. Pay on the day of the tour in cash at the meeting point.

Morning tour option
(Hand-made candy factory visit)

Nagoya walking tours : candy factory

After the morning tour, you can optionally attend to the hand-made production of traditional japanese candies in a small family runned business since 1940. This is a unique experience and a must-see once in your life.


About me


Nagoya walking tours: cyriaque bruez
Nagoya walking tours: cyriaque bruez

Cyriaque Bruez (Manager and Guide)

Originally from Switzerland, I studied in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia and Japan, went through many unique life experiences (Working in Arctic) and travelled extensively all around the world during the four last years. After having worked for a few months as a researcher in a japanese laboratory in Osaka, I graduated as a chemical engineer. While I was working in Osaka, I have been giving some walking tours on my free time during 6 months. It was something I really loved doing and it did really fit my outgoing personality. After completing my research in Osaka, I did in summer 2019 a trip around Japan of 45 days using exclusively hitch-hiking and couchsurfing. At that time, I discovered the prefecture of Aichi, a wonderful prefecture with paradoxally little to no touristic activities. After a brief return to Switzerland, I decided to come back in Japan once more to embark on a completely new personal adventure: Creating my own touristic business and promote tourism in the prefecture of Aichi. I designed my own walking tours and I am currently running them during the day. I know Nagoya and Japan quite well and I want to share with you my knowledges and my love for Nagoya acquired since early 2016. I promise you a pleasant experience. I am really looking forward seeing you there :).



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